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Bila hati mula meronta,jiwa mula mluahkan rasa,bila minda mula mencerna,jari mula mencari aksara :)

Tabung Churp2 cikwa,


Siti Nur Azwati binti Abd. Manap

she was my classmate since we were in form 1 until form 3. But the fact is I had never known her, even talk to her for the first year. I am not sure why. I do not think that I am arrogant enough or what. See our friendship started when we were in form 2. I cannot remember the starting but all that I remembered when she was sat next to me in the class. We started to know each other and of course we made it as a friend as we are both crazy minded. We love to do such silly things together. Oh yeah such stupid enough school students does. You noticed it very well that I hate to pretend I am matured enough as I am not sure about it myself. I hate girls and guys whom always controlling what they are going to do. Yes, good manners are needed. But not for the whole time and makes you a hypocrite slowly days by days. No I do not like that. I love to be myself. I want to be
pretending free. I wear what I want. I do what I like. Actually when you are trying to control yourself, you look such a fool much more than I do. Oh and she is my super mate ever. She understands me most as she is craziest more than me. You know she could do the things that you would not expect her abilities. Oh of course she is worse than I do! Ha-ha. I am joking dear. Please do not mind what I have said. She is absolutely failed as a girl but she is much better than a boy. She has a golden strong heart. Yes she is not good enough, she is a bit naughty but she is the most understanding and caring mate that I have had. She is not more to feminine but she is still polite as other girls do. If you knew her better, she is the most incredible friend that I have had. The one I would not be bored with. There would be something interesting to do with her as she is 'super creater'. Although she is burden with lots of troubles, she is still the same jovial person that I have known. Our friendship paused when we are both move from the school. Anyhow I knew we would still be friends. Here I just want to say, thank you for being my friend, my best friend. Oh no! My soul mate :)

With love,ferra..sahabatprtamaygmghrgaiaku..
akumangxramaisahabat..ferra sorang da mcm 1000 sahabat..
ferra,,kau contoh sahabat terbaekk..cekwa sayang ferra..

Comments (4)

On March 3, 2011 at 12:43 AM , ferra rarawr said...

kita masing masing tak ramai sahabat tapi ramai kawan cuma.cekwa juga satu dalam seribu yang dianggap sehidup semati kerana cekwa tak pentingkan diri sendiri.cekwa selalu turut firah nak buat apakan ? firah bukan nak guna cekwa na.bila cekwa na buat apapun firah turut jugakkan (sebahagian besar darinya) lalalala ~

On March 3, 2011 at 12:47 AM , ferra rarawr said...

grammar checked :

we are both move
*we were both move

On April 9, 2011 at 9:31 PM , miz_were said...

taw x napa ckwa slalu turut ferra??
sbb ckwa amat sygkn ferra taw x..serius kita sama ja msing2 xramaiy shabat..ckwa xkesa xrmaiy sahabat,sbb bg ckwa..ferra da macam 1000 sahabat dah..xguna lau rmaiy sahabat yg xguna...ferra da cukop brguna bg ckwa..hahaha

On April 9, 2011 at 10:38 PM , ferra rarawr said... tau awk syg sy.wakakaka
samalah kita tue.susahnya na jumpa rakan sepeeti anda :D syg sgt lah .!

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