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Bila hati mula meronta,jiwa mula mluahkan rasa,bila minda mula mencerna,jari mula mencari aksara :)

Tabung Churp2 cikwa,


 tonight, i want to share something about a super awesome method to make a bottle of OLIGO'S drink. 

:).. what thing those you need to make a bottle of instant drinks. . .let say,if u really thirsty n at the same 

time u only have a bottle. no mug n no spoon..what should u do?. ok, this is what had i done tonight. 

to teduce thirsty.

u need/we need

a mineral bottle (clean n fine)

a packet of nescaffe...but tonight i use oligo :)

n a mug of hot water(no image available)~~

now, follow the method below :)

1.heat the water till boiled
2.pour the hot water into the bottle
3.pour the drinks powder into the bottle that contained hot water., shake the bottle well :),.

enjoy ur drinks :)

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