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Bila hati mula meronta,jiwa mula mluahkan rasa,bila minda mula mencerna,jari mula mencari aksara :)

Tabung Churp2 cikwa,


hint c++,,miss lulu bgi kt ulearn dlm fail announcement.
Final Exam Tips

You have to answer all essay questions.

Error correction (Repetition), Simple coding (String), and Coding (File)

Function passing variable definition and examples, True/False with explanation (Selection), Error correction (Selection & Function), Output trace (Selection & Function), and Coding (Selection & Function)

Array definition and examples, Simple coding (Array), Output trace (Array), Coding (Array)

Simple coding (Enumeration), Structure definition, Simple coding (Structure), Simple coding (Nested Structure), and Coding (Structure), Coding (Pointer)


Since you'll get 70% coding questions, so don't be lazy to study the exercises given by us. 
It's for your own sake.

These tips will prevent for whom wants to CHEAT during exam.

Thank you and good luck.

Lustiana Pratiwi
Rimashadira A/P Ramlee
Satrya Fajri Pratama
Tarisa Makina Kintakaningrum

tgok hin je ker??? follow lah blog aku skali kih3

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