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Bila hati mula meronta,jiwa mula mluahkan rasa,bila minda mula mencerna,jari mula mencari aksara :)

Tabung Churp2 cikwa,


30thjanuary2012 blogger ,salam satu komuniti

hey peeps. today, i try my best to improve my writing skill and improve my English //so,if u found mistake in my writing,just correct it and leave in a comment box below//.

 i knew my grammar,vocab and pronountiation freaking terrible since primary school. else, i am very weak in english u know. stay fresh in my mind,3 years ago, while i am in form 5, my lovely teacher was published show off my 'messy' essay to all my classmates. even though they never laugh to my essay,but i felt so shamed because my teacher drops me down excitedly . since that sial  bad day for me, i started to hate english. i dont hate my teacher, but i dont know how to communicate with her, when faced her, i suddenly speechless. i jealous with a few friend.why they all can talk much . they can speak fluently in English. they can  talk with cher 'N' freely, now, i really miss my cher N. but i still dont know how to face with her, i ignored her on twitter, i ignored her on fb. i'm sorry cher.


5 years ago, i really hate english song. but since i'm here, UTeM. I prefer to listen english song. i learned a lot of wonderful english in english song.
ouh.. what else i'm gonna to write down eh..


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